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February 18, 2006

Alec Baldwin's Predictions For 2006.

Well Alec, you may be a nutcase, but you have a couple good points in your predictions. Of course, you put too much faith in democrats, but that's understandable.

First, no big surprise our government is dominated by hacks, corruption, in-fighting, liars, warmongers, ass-kissers, and the like. This is on both sides of "the aisle," and it's been that way for years. Wasn't it Eisenhower that coined the phrase "the military-industrial complex?" Also no surprise the big corporations and their special interest groups run our country. Greed and the lust for power is to blame, and our country suffers because of it.

Sadly, you've let the liberal's distorted view of reality affect you as well. Do you attack the republicans because you want to make positive change, or because it's the easiest thing to do, and the real purpose of it playing to the press for your own good. In this light, you can be just like Mrs. Clinton, Senators Schumer, Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Gephardt, Feinstein, etc. Notice all the rich people on that list. Yes, I can name an equally large list of republicans, but you hold these democrats up as your heroes, so why make the effort. You have no objectivity, and therefore, taint any issue you stump for with the stink of partisan politics for personal gain. Sorry, it's the truth. There are just as many republicans that deserve a bitch-slapping, but that's just being redundant.

If your liberal buddies are so effective, why didn't any meaningful energy reform come out of eight years of the Clinton administration? Also, if using the NSA is so wrong, why did your buddy Bill Clinton do it too? Also, dems hold former president Carter up as one of their heroes. Well, news flash...his presidency was a miserable failure, all the way from giving back the Panama Canal and our military bases there, to the oil embargo and interest rates. Do you really want to get lumped into that group?

I actually agree with a couple of your points, but it's also excruciatingly clear you have a personal hatred for the vice president that invalidates your opinions on issues dealing with him. Calm down there Sweety-pants. Remember, you were the one that whined like a 9-year old that if you didn't get your way in the last election you were leaving. Just like a kid fighting on the on the playground, ten minutes after you did that, you forgot all about it. What's your explanation now? Nuh-uh, wasn't me? That sounds about right.

On a side note, you support PETA, a group of whack-jobs who think that in the course of protesting for animal rights, they have the further right to assault people and destroy personal property. Is that a viewpoint the liberals encourage? It shouldn't be.

Actors and politicians- two groups of people who get paid to pretend to be someone else or something they are not. No wonder why you like it so much. Neither group has to pay much attention to reality either.

You were great in Glen Garry- Glen Ross, and you made a better Dr. Ryan than Harrison Ford, but you're no Roosevelt. Maybe it's better to just shut your face than it is to lie and spew hate and discontent.

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