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February 16, 2006

Wrong on a number of levels...

More proof the Army does the following:

-doesn't demand character or educate soldiers in character. In most cases, the Army Values are lip service bullshit.

-Allows pop-culture idiotic behavior to go unchecked and allows more and more street hoods looking for a job to join up. When you lower the standards in the hopes of attracting more recruits, it's like combining a Beagle and a Yorkie in the hopes of creating a Doberman. This isn't a rap's the Army in a conservative (let me repeat...conservative) Asian country.

-doesn't hammer troops publicly in order to make an example out of them. The system obviously protects these young kids from getting the "straightening-out" they obviously need from their NCO leadership.

-treats obviously homosexual conduct as normal misconduct. Sorry fellas, but pulling out your wanker on a public train while your buddies cheer you on is faggoty nonsense and you deserve to get your asses kicked. If you consider public exposure of your private parts while in the company of your male friends as something you do for fun...guess're gay.

-has a problem with homosexual conduct as a result of the politically-correct "don't ask, don't tell policy. "

-Still doesn't care about us being the "Ugly Americans." Yep, the look down your nose, no sense of shame, rap music, McDonald's, tattoos, sex-obsessed, pants around your thighs, fuck-you attitude we show everybody just makes me so proud...

-the Army still hasn't learned from the Marine Corps...when you raise the standard and challenge people to do something hard, you attract all the quality people you need.


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