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February 16, 2006

Military spending millions on gays

In a surprising admission, the gay community admitted the military is being forced to spend millions of dollars on homosexuals who just can't keep their mouths shut or their pants on.

Actually, what this article doesn't say is the survey group was made up of professors mostly from California universities, and conducted in California. No big surprise they're as pro-gay as Hollywood.

What the article also omits, is content by another official (printed in other news publications in it's entirety) stating the cost of allowing gays to openly serve would be greater than the benefit to the gays. More people would decline enlistment because they wouldn't want to be forced to live and work in such close proximity to homosexuals, and more conflict would arise between straight troops and gays.

What no one talks about is the fact the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is not a failure that shows we need to make it okay for openly gay people to serve. Quite the contrary. It shows that political correctness and pandering to a special interest group to the detriment of the majority is detrimental to the services, and we need, rather must go back to excluding homosexuals from service. Sometimes the truth is a painful thing. Deal with it.

The policy is a failure, as political correctness is a failure. Let's not compound things by forcing change for the benefit of special interest. It's simple...when the gay groups get the law to tell other people they have to accept them, they're infringing on other people's rights to live the way they want. It's because gays think they should have more rights than others, and if someone doesn't like that, the government should either force gay rights on people, or punish them for not pandering to gays. Gays don't understand their violating other people's constitutional rights when they force their agenda on them. This is also the truth, be it ever so politically incorrect.

The survey was done by an obvious special interest group, which makes the findings suspect in the first place. Follow that with the voodoo accounting done to make the cost of discharging gays ridiculously and erroneously high, and I can smell the stink of a PC agenda. No thanks, I'm not buying it. Training someone to be a truck driver or supply clerk doesn't cost millions, and using a cost per soldier figure in regard to situations where training would be conducted if twenty people or two people were present doesn't make sense. Sorry, voodoo math makes you look stupid...try again. Besides, we train some people incorrectly anyway. Need an example?

In today's modern Air Force and Navy, we have aircraft that can pull massive amounts of G-forces. So when do we test people for their individual ability to tolerate "G?" Common sense would tell you to do it before you spend a million dollars on their flight educations. Well, this is the military, where common sense means little, so they get tested for G tolerance after all their training is over, and all the money has been spent. Silly, eh?

Well, the homosexual policy is the same thing. Why spend the money on training them if the possibility exists they will be subject to discharge later? Better to weed them out before hand. Even better still is to not bother having them join in the first place...think of the money we'd save!!!

Of course, this is my opinion. I'm politically incorrect, and I like it that way.

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