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February 17, 2006

We only hurt ourselves. America better wake up!

We see two of our historic enemies, Ruassia and China make alliances. Two countries we have fought before, who now have war games together. We will fight them again.

We let China crap all over us with cheap imports and piracy of intellectual property.

We let Clinton sell them banned technology and we did nothing.

We let them preempt us on the UN Security Council (notice no punctuation. The UN is the UN-world body, like 7up is the UN-cola).

We let American companies move their businesses to China in order to take advantage of cheap labor, while we act like hypocrits and talk about how bad cheap labor is in every other country but there.

We let the unions force companies overseas while whining we need to support the unions.

We watch the trade deficit pile up and we sit around with our thumbs up our collective asses.

We watch China cozy up to Iran, a country which is bent on our destruction, yet we do nothing. Now China will have all the oil they could ever need, and we won't.

How blind are we to seeing a Russia-China alliance for world domination? Are we all so f-ing blind and stupid? Or is it just the politically-correct idiot politicians?

We pour our taxpayer money into lost causes like peace in the Middle East, United Nations dues, Haiti, and throw all our money into foreign cars, cheap clothing and worthless bling because we're greedy assholes. It's like cutting our own throats, and we act surprised when other countries offer to hold the knife. Now we're at the mercy of the oil companies as the country we're at the mercy of makes a deal for all the oil they'll ever need. Hello!

We're cutting off our own oxygen supply. We're setting ourselves up to being ruled by China and Russia.

Here's a question: If we're addicted to oil, and run by the oil companies, and Russia and China have oil and we don't, then who has the upper hand?

People need to wake up. Unless the path we're on changes, this country will cease to exist in my lifetime.

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