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February 18, 2006

Alec Baldwin-Private Detective at-Large...

I saw his post on the Ariana Huffington web page and just had to react.

First, there actually are people out there who have friends. Not straphangers or ass-kissers like what you have, but people who are actual friends. It doesn't surprise me that a liberal puke like you asks how someone can turn down an opportunity to sue someone.

You say Schwarzenegger's election is the low point in American political life. Sounds like sour grapes to me. By the way, playing a politician in a movie doesn't make you qualified to be one. Besides, the low point in American political life was when you lied to everyone by not leaving the country after GW Bush got elected. A lying liberal. Again, I'm not surprised.

So a guy in a hunting accident is going to get the VP into court to ask him questions about the CIA and Enron? How much did you have to drink today Alec?

Calling Mr. Cheney a liar may just be appropriate in your case. It takes one to know one.

Yep, Alec Baldwin...Private Detective. Or maybe we should just use the more appropriate slang term- Dick.

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