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February 17, 2006

So-long Sammy, see ya in Miami...

Where the hell else do you think he would go?

Well, in the words of another one of Miami's famous residents, Antonio Montana, a.k.a. Scarface, "I never liked that f-ing Sosa." Yep, that's true. Him and that dipshit Mark McGwire with their kissing their fingers and tapping their hearts and all that grab-asstic bullshit. It's not enough they were making millions playing a kids game...they had to cheat.

That's right, they're both liars and cheats. They lied about taking steroids, and they cheated the rest of their fellow players and the fans by using performance enhancing drugs, corking their bats, lying about it to congress, and then acting like they were some sort of movie stars. At least the movie stars they put in baseball movies look like baseball players...Kevin Costner, Redford, Ray Liotta, etc. You don't see Schwarzenegger in baseball movies do you? Take a guess why...

So you made millions Sammy, however so inappropriately, to play a game I played for free as a kid, and you have to use lawyers, drugs, money, corked bats, and lies to do it. You helped make baseball the national joke. It hasn't been the national pastime for years. That title changed years ago. Now the national pastime is suing people.

So take your millions Sammy, and go away. You made enough money in a few short years to retire as a rich man, while 99% of your fans have to save money to watch a major league game. No one should feel bad for you. People ask if the game treated you fairly? I say it treated you too well, and you kicked dirt on it for its trouble. Be gone.

Now you can make yourself feel special by putting on the speedo and signing autographs on South Beach. I'll send you a corked pencil to make it easier for you...

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