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June 25, 2018

When Liberal Hate Speech is More Reliable than the Weather Report

Now here's what I mean about liberal bias, "yellow" journalism, spineless liberal drone behavior, ass-kissing the donkey, the donkeypunch, what have you. Sarah Huckabee gets tossed from a Virginia restaurant over the weekend, supposedly because of her support of Trump's policies, Trump defends her by slinging a little mud of his own, and libs attack like the dogs they are... They go on the offensive (wait. If you're already "offensive" can you go on the "offensive?" I love my double entendre's) and throw mud at the president instead of just reporting the news? A non-stop moron-athon that needs some toning down. Hater-aide-drinking dipshits like Dean Obeidallah and his lunatic fringe over at CNN say things like; "Donald Trump's immoral family separations at the border," "Trumps immoral policies," and use terms like "bigoted" and "cruel." Well, I don't buy it. Nice try, clown-shoe. Seems you had no problem when Obama was flooding the camps with illegal immigrant kids, but now Trump's the asshole, right? Wrong. Crocodile tears dripping into the tainted liberal breast milk, buddy. Move over Maddow, O'Donnell, Matthews, and Hayes (wait...I just got a little nauseated), there's a new Spin Doctor in town. Cooper must be so proud. No one should ever read things like "as a progressive" in a news article, as Obeidallah says in his. The reporters political leanings aren't supposed to matter. The news isn't supposed to be a political platform so everybody with a computer can sign-on and crap all over the president of the United States. The news should be objective. Reporters should be impartial, or at least not glaringly one-sided. Editors should be newsmen or newswomen or newspersons, not yet another liberal fondling the donkey balls. This wasn't an important story. It was a hit piece by an obviously biased Clintonite who saw his chance to take a swing. I hold out hope for non-biased news, but I'm not so naive. And this isn't the President's fault. It started way before him. When liberals decide they want no part in immigration reform (even after their phony support for Dreamers), it forces one side to handle all the issues. Like it or not, when faced with insanely difficult choices, Trump acted. What else was he going to do. He knew you CNN and Daily Beast Bozo's would cream him for it, but what choice did he have? Had any president before him or any congress worth a shit (whenever that was) actually done something about immigration other than beat their gums about it for temporary political advantage, maybe the whole situation could have been avoided. Maybe not. We won't know. Democrats have declared themselves persona-non-grata with their Obama-led, idiotic (pardon me for being redundant) "resist" movement. Never before has a president told people not to follow the one that came after him, but I digress.

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