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June 28, 2018

A-Hole of The Next 13 Seconds

Jim Acosta. The man with (almost) the biggest ego and worst attitude of any liberal I've seen (besides Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Elizabeth Warren and the Hildebeast). Truly a legend in his own mind. Kind-of the Randy "Macho-Man" Savage of the White House Press corps. Biased much? I'd love to call him A-hole of the week, or month, but he's just so insignificant to daily life it would be absurd. It might also inflate his ego even further, which is probably impossible. Don't swell his head to bursting, the dog excrement would shower the press room. Vile head bile? Gibberish and nonsense? This is truly a man that forgets his place. He reports on the President of the United States. The President. You know, a truly important man deserving of respect. Acosta is not important. He's demonstrated poor manners, disrespect, and arrogance on the TV news. I find him a good reason for Alka-Seltzer and the cable remote. How dare I say these things? He put himself out there, open to ridicule, so here it is... He misinterprets his function. Report the news, Jim, don't become the news. It's really not about you. He is to sit, and wait, and speak respectfully when it is his turn to the President's Press Secretary. She is also an important person. He is not. He shouldn't expect to engage the president directly or think he is on the same level. No, he is not. A third grader could do his job. A third grader would display more character, respect, and objectivity than Jim Acosta displays. He's the epitome of the term "hoist on his own petard," yet even after numerous self-implosions, he's still at it. A for effort. F for everything else. Maybe this is just what he's going for as a TV personality. Not sure why he would want to be known as an A-hole. Maybe he's an okay guy off work? Maybe he's too corrupted or too competitive with the other knuckleheads at #CNN. Who knows, maybe he'll step on his own crank again soon and just go away. 13, 12, 11, 10,...

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