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June 25, 2018

When Racism Reduces Itself to Who Said It
Now here is some truly moronic shit. Yep, dressed-up as a black man with writing skills, I acknowledge he is talented as a writer. That aside, this article is an enormous pile of racist bullshit, sadly condoned and kept online because of who wrote it. Imagine an article entitled "black people are cowards." People would go out of their damned minds. Sure, every white person on earth could stand up and do something about racism, but why should people with no blame for slavery have to do anything? Is it about your idea of required shame? Would anyone recognize the effort anyway? Probably not. If I offered a black man a job, would he take it, or call me a racist and want some sort of reparation hand-out? My family wasn't even in the country before 1900, so what do I have to do with it? If racism really is the all-consuming aspect of your every day, you're doing something wrong. White people are cowards? When will blacks acknowledge the highest crime rate is blacks against other blacks? Then when will they do something about it? Why is it a tragedy if a cop kills a black kid, but not when a black kid kills another black kid? Why did they protest in the shopping district on the Miracle Mile rather than in the neighborhoods where all the crime is happening? White people are cowards? White Men Can't Jump. Imagine a movie entitled "Black Men Can't Swim." People would go out of their minds over that shit. And get your history straight. Muslims started slavery. Blacks in Africa sold-off those they conquered to white slavers. That's right, white men didn't just land in Africa and go rounding people up. Yes, slavery was some vile, repugnant shit that never should of happened, and it did, but guess what...we don't have to live with it. It's over. There is no yoke on you or anyone else. Drop it already. Clean your own house. Straighten-out your own life. Tell people to pull up their pants and work hard, try to get along, and stop blaming ancient history for present day problems. Blame is easy. Stop waiting for Whitey to do it for you. Do you think shaming people will get them to do something? Most, like me, don't feel shame for slavery in America because we had nothing to do with it. White people actually think about race far less than you think. The NFL is over 70% black  but no white people are sniveling about it. It's not a big deal. You can try to paint me with a white brush and say I'm just like the rest but you would be wrong. You were the one that threw the first insult and I can tell you it's not okay. See, in my world, there are two types of people; good people, and assholes. That's it. Which category are you? And stop trusting democrats. They enslave people every day. See for yourself. They give out just enough to keep people dependent on them, but not enough for people to get ahead, climb out of poverty, start their own business, or really be free. That's real evil.

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