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June 25, 2018

Back from self-imposed exile!!!

See the Whole Blog Here!!!So I took a break from blogging about the mind-numbing bile-spewing liberal-biased news media for...well, three years! Some break. It hasn't gotten any better Why did I think it would? In fact, it's far worse. Oh, then Google acquired my blogger platform. Does this thing even publish to the internet? Democrats snake-bit over the election are still curled-up in the corner licking their asses, refusing to do anything except snap at the person that hit them with the rolled-up newspaper on election day, Donald Trump. Hey, I'd love a job where I can do absolutely jack-shit, act like a petulant child, openly declare I'm not going to do anything but get in the way and suck-in oxygen someone else could actually use, and still remain in congress. Hell, even get re-elected (if Wasserman-Schultz, Pelosi, Warren, Sanders, et al, are any sort of bad examples). Well, examples of mouth-breathing, wrong-thinking, blue-blooded A-holes that somehow think their idiotic decision-making is in any way based in reality or beneficial to anyone in the real world. I got a tax break. My 401k is way up. My Middle Eastern friends are no-longer reluctant to speak of our president, and instead of two  protest-organizing lawyers in the White House (who dream of being Netflix movie producers, go figure) there's a businessman and a five-language speaking supermodel!  Don't even get me started on Hollywood rich people. Arrghh. WTF does DeNiro know about life outside the bubble? Or that goof that plays the Hulk? Fire Rosie for shitty comments because she's a conservative, but let libtard Samantha Bee call the first-lady the C-word, yep, that's not liberal media bias, is it... So I'm back. Prepare to get irritated. Prepare to laugh. Please review previous blog entries for their comedic, sarcastic, timely comment on past issues, and see what's in store...

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