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June 27, 2018

Kennedy Relic Joins Hunger Strike, Press Goes Mental

In another bout of "assuming anyone still gives a shit about anyone named Kennedy," the press went into full retard mode today after Ethel Kennedy, wife of JFK's little brother Bobby, joined the pathetically ridiculous hunger strike to protest "Trump Immigration Policies." You know, the same immigration policies these liberal a-holes thought were perfectly fine under Libtard Obama. Did they sling any mud on Obama? No. Of course not. Did they snivel and cry and say how mean and evil he was? No. Of course not. National lefty media outlets jumped at the chance to report on a Kennedy and sadly attempted to link democrats with who they still think are dem heroes and what they perceive to be a social justice issue. Sorry. Fail. All they did was remind us how sad they are, and how double-standards don't seem to apply to lefties. Oh, and how much ass JFK got in the White House and it was perfectly fine, but some porno whore insinuates she had a relationship with #Trump and the press goes mental yet again...but I digress.

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