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June 25, 2018

Idiots on Parade
You know, I never press my face against the glass when looking at a reptile. Something about them repulses me so even though I am aware of the separation, I keep a greater distance. At Sea World, I never sit down in front at the Shamu show. I know I'll get wet and the water is colder than normal, so I keep my distance. I never go in the "jungle adventure." The monkeys will throw their shit on you, rest assured. I don't want shit on me. Seeing them on TV is fine. Out fishing, I don't call the shark that swims by and jump in after it. No. Those things are dumb. Are they as dumb as politicians? Maybe not. I mean, who would sign-up for that sort of abuse anyway? You may have to be fairly "Gump-ish" to want to hang out with cretins like politicians in Washington and have to assume any kind of subordinate role to these knuckleheads. I wonder if these people are naturally repulsive, like the pep rally types in high school, pickled herring, or leggings on granny, or did they have to work on it. They get in government and make decisions for the rest of us and I'm not sure we've tested them for levels of their own bathwater in their bloodstreams or Jackson Pollock-style alcohol levels. Am I calling politicians stupid? What do you think? The problem is what's worse than stupid, and that's stupid people that think they're smart. Nowhere is there a greater choice of examples than in government. Take Maxine Waters. Do I really need to say more? Nancy Pelosi. Drunk and dumb, yet keeps getting elected. We should really worry about those people. Oh, and she's corrupt, like Chuck Schumer, who graduated from school and went straight into politics. Been in it so long now he's crooked as a dog's hind leg and has such a strange view of the world from his Washington foxhole he thinks Nixon is still in office. Hillary's dumb and crooked too. Left office broke and yet is somehow a bazillionaire? How does that work? Lives with the "depends on the definition of what is, is," guy and thinks Americans can't spot a fraud. Obamas too. Came in so-so, left filthy rich. John Lewis. Constantly tells people that democrats freed the slaves, and is a civil rights "icon" for getting beat-up on a bridge other democrats! Bernie Sanders? He loves bad-mouthing rich people while driving his $200,000 car. Yep, the problem is stupid people that think they're smart. Me? I just think I'm sarcastic...and politicians will throw their shit on you.

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