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October 11, 2005

The Associated Press is a bunch of Hacks!!!

Look at the earlier entry about the guy that got his ass whooped in New Orleans. These AP retards are purposely trying to stir up trouble. Look at the article. The majority of it is a copy of the older article, with some new stuff just pasted in. What's the matter? News reporter too unimaginative to write her own story?

Okay, we get it...the guy was black. Okay, we get it, the cops were white. I hear you, you don't need to say it again. I still don't think the blood was streaming down his arm and into the gutter...but you said it again.

These AP reporters probably watch the news on TV and then write the articles third-hand, then the editors just cut-and-paste from article to article due to an EXTREME lack of creativity. This way they can stretch them out and make people think they're producing more news when they're actually producing a whole lot of jack-shit!

Yes, I could do it better.


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