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October 9, 2005

Did you ever get the feeling...

...that you worked for some complete morons? I mean, there are a lot of smart people around me, but then again, there are also some complete retards, who need to be eliminated before they either 1. get someone killed, or even worse, 2. Breed.

Now I understand the job may be a bit unusual, and that it carries with it a sense of duty, and a feeling you're protecting others' rights, be it true or not. What I don't get though, are the people who say "I do this job because it's fun." Those are the assholes I worry about, like they're saying that to convince themselves everything is fine and they shouldn't go suck on a gun barrel... What lives do these retards lead on the outside anyway? Usually, the "hey I love it here" guys are the same ones who work 14 hour days back in the states doing nothing other than breathing the air in their office in the mistaken belief that nothing can wait until tomorrow. I know their wives and kids don't think that! Losers... Go home! What the fuck is keeping you here all damn night? Go collect those military models on your own time! Guess what? Your family might want to go to the beach this weekend instead of watching you go reenact the battle of Vicksburg! Dork!

I wonder about the mere function of the inner workings of some of their noggins. Some of them act like they're perpetually "stuck on stupid," yet their ass-kissing skills seem to be honed to a razor's edge. It's Weird.

I hear an old song in my head sometimes. The first few verses go "You're kind of stuck where you are, but in your dreams you can buy expensive cars, live on Mars, and have it your way. You hate your boss at your job, but in your dreams, you can blow his head off, in your dreams you show no mercy." I hear this song when I get frustrated at the incredibly stupid questions I get asked at work sometimes...from apparently experienced military "professionals." I hear it when I realize we're doing something the hard way just because "that's the way it's always been done." I also get nuts when I see how grown men try to act like "Mr. Tough Guy" around here, instead of dropping the testosterone-laden horse-shit and just being civil. I've seen senior people just flat act the fool, like no matter who they were, they could say whatever they wanted to whomever they pleased. If they said to me what I've seen them say to other people, they would have gotten a "who the fuck do you think you're talking to" from me. Having rank is one thing, but just being an ass is another. Some people with zero people skills and partially functioning personalities are successful in the Army, and it makes me insane!

Good thing is, I know this, I have the self awareness to realize all this is not important, and I should just concentrate on the mission. Sometimes though, I can't believe how big of jerkoffs some of these people are!

In the end, it's not how many years you donated to the man. It's the people you met and the person you smiled at this morning, the one you offered a cup of coffee to, or the one you held the door for. A wise man once told me, "work for the Army, but live in the real world, because if you marry the army (like so many people do), one day you'll wake up and realize you married a whore that was just using you.

Kind of like my ex...


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