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October 10, 2005

Police charged in beating in New Orleans

Now that's a damn shame. No, not that they beat someone up, but that cops are no longer able to throw someone a beating in order to keep the peace, or to subdue someone obviously resisting. In the words of Chris Rock, "If the police have to come get you, they're bringing an ass-kicking with them." Well, apparently not any more. They're not allowed... That's a shame, because sometimes dishing out some pain keeps everyone else who sees it in line. Send those officers to sensitivity training!

What may be worse here, is the author of the article is being clearly melodramatic. What's the matter Honey, not used to violence? she described the man as having "blood streaming down his arm and into the gutter." I don't think it was, but it sounds good.

Then a news photographer from got a poke in the gut and was yelled at. Horrifying! To think, he was yelled! Talk about violence! What's next? Maybe he'll stand in the corner for a "time out?" But I guess that's too harsh also...

Then I see the following paragraph, which astonished me in its level of bullshit: "Davis, who is black, was subdued at the intersection of Conti and Bourbon streets. Three of the officers appeared to be white, and the other is light skinned. The officer who hit Matthews is white. Defillo (the police spokesman) said race was not an issue."

Are you shitting me Mary? Of course race is an issue, because you just made it one! The sad thing is, people wouldn't be so pissed off about this if they weren't further inflamed by assholes like you! Why is the skin color of a police officer important when it's taking FOUR OF THEM to make an arrest on ONE BLACK MAN? If the man didn't resist, he wouldn't be subdued. If Rodney King didn't race through town at 125 miles-per-hour and then resist arrest, he wouldn't have had four cops with their adrenal glands on full-blast pissed-off at him! Arrrghhh! Liberals like you make me crazy.

They say the New Orleans police have a history of brutality and corruption? Let me just ask a wild question. What do you think the percentage of white officers is in the New Orleans police department? I bet you it's less than a third. Funny thing though, if the cops were black, we probably wouldn't have even seen the report, because it wouldn't exist.

Oh, and as for feeling bad for the cops living on a cruise ship and working 5 12-hour days... I live in the desert, and work 6 14-hour days, followed by a 10-hour day on the seventh day. Poor little police have to work long hours. Please. At least you're home and have a new Cadillac.


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