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October 9, 2005

India Quake Survivors Complain of Slow Aid

India Quake Survivors Complain of Slow Aid...Blame George Bush. Hours later, President Bush emerged into the Rose Garden and proceeded to take the blame for it, just like the blame he took for the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina.

Of course, taking the blame for Katrina is about as ridiculous as doing it for the Indian Earthquake. However, MARK MY WORDS, the democrats will figure out how to use the Indian Earthquakes against him.

The next thing you know, President Bush will be accused of being the "second Gunman" on the grassy knoll, and admit to it, democrats will plant a muddy shovel on Air Force One, assert Jesse Jackson's claim that he broke the levee in New Orleans on purpose, and he'll admit to that, saying he worked alone and no one saw him leave Crawford in his pickup truck. Then the President will admit that Al Gore invented the internet, he killed Webster Hubble, and he paid Monica Lewinsky to take a shot from Slick Willy because Paula Jones cost him a lot of money and proved to be useless...

The president's advisors are so snake-bit and suspect right now they'd advise him to take the blame for Chappaquiddick, a crack-whore's case of the crabs, birdshit on the windshield, beach erosion, snow, darkness after sunset, red traffic lights, Apollo 1 and 13, lottery losers, the Challenger, Elvis' death, John Kerry's hairstyle, beer-farts, and the common cold...


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