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October 15, 2005

Poll: Civility Taking a Beating in America

Well no shit! If this hasn't been blatantly obvious lately, then we've all been in comas. Start with the government, our "supposed" leadership. They act like spoiled children (probably because they're all lawyers...yuck!) , speak ill of each other, lie, cheat, steal, and get away with it. They're uncivil to each other like their lives depend on it, and it makes me want to puke! These are the same people who get their asses kissed like they're some kind of royalty? I wouldn't let most of them use my bathroom.

Then look at parents these days. "My kid can beat up your kid," and all their sports bullshit metaphors like "you gotta step-up," whatever that means. People who grew up in the "live and let live" 60's, 70's, and even the 80's are parents now and they let their kids say and do whatever they want, following their lead...of course. Let's all be friends, then when your kid mouths off to an adult, you can just sit there like the castrated, powerless lump of crap you are.

I've been witness to an unholy host of bad-mouthed, poorly educated, idiots who demonstrate their utter incivility and rudeness and pass it on to their kids with wreckless abandon. I know! Let's all go get some Budweiser's and some cigarettes, then go get a tattoo, a body piercing, and then we can all cut our hair into mullets, then make everything out of denim...shorts, skirts, pants, shirts, baby clothes. My ex is turning into that. She already has the old car she races on Saturdays with the rednecks, bleaches her hair three shades of white, and if she poked-out as many times as she's been poked-in, she'd be a porcupine.

Look at our society as a whole. It's a greed-driven, have versus the have-not, you're worthy if you have money and a low-life if you don't, speak too loud and I'll sue, damn the man, I'm better than you, throw the race card, keep up with the Jones' load of bullshit. Americans care about money...and little else. And I'm over here defending their right to lead these worthless lives

Then look at the trends. There is nothing written down anywhere that says when you go into a coffee house you're suddenly someone unique and are therefore required to act like a pompous asshole. Coffee houses have been around as long as coffee, so hold the nutmeg sprinkles there kid and shut the fuck up. Your snotty look deserves a bitch slap like the little punk you are. And honey, when you're standing in the airplane aisle back to front with everyone else, waiting to get off, that cell call you're on is definitely not a private call, so you too can clamp your sewer closed.
It's just as bad here in the Middle East in the service. Officers of the same rank walk around here with their chests out (women included) and act like it's their job to not say hello or be civil. They must be too important to say hello to you, or too busy to be friendly to you. I just chalk it up to being too ignorant and anti-social to demonstrate intelligence by showing good manners to me. At least they're sure of their lack of are the rest of us.

Let's just put it this way...Good manners are a sign of intelligence (caveat: there are lots of intelligent assclowns), and poor manners are a demonstration of stupidity. Right now, our country is looking pretty stupid.


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