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September 30, 2005

Who is Kaiser Sose'?

Well, the "usual suspects" did it again. Pepetrated another crime on the American people...the same ones they are "chosen" to represent. Yeah...sure...

In their rush to prove how despicably reprehensible (double adjective...nice!) they are, they all voted against the confirmation of Judge Roberts. Yep, the usual suspects...they make me feel queasy just typing out their names...Kennedy, Pelosi, Clinton, Shumer, Reid, and Kerry.. Individually, a murderer; a pampered liberal whackjob; a woman who let her husband cheat on her, humilate her, and lie to his country on TV and took it because she wanted to be a senator; an anti-gunner; a complete loon; and a kept man who lost the ability to tell us what he wants. Collectively, they are the examples of what's wrong with our political system, especially Uncle Teddy...

Did they do it because they really disagree with him? No. Well, maybe they did it because the majority of their constituants wanted them to?

A couple of them actually believe the country can stomach their sniveling and want to run for president, so they had to vote lefty. The others simply did it for the money. Yep, so they wouldn't piss off the special interest groups that fund their weirdness. Some people say they voted no for the white guy, so when the President puts forth a female or minority candidate, they can vote "yes" and look progressive. Trouble is, they're all white people too, and legendary at patronizing people. All they did was show they want to simply oppose anything the President does.

I wish I could put them in an interrogation room, slap the stupid smirks off their faces while yelling "Who is Kaiser Sose'!" or "Mao" like in the Deerhunter, dangle donuts too far out of their reach, force them to wear NRA hats and t-shirts that say "I Piss on the ACLU," and play a video of the Clarence Thomas swearing-in ceremony or the Reagan inauguration. It would be like Kryptonite for a Lib! I know...maybe the Clinton impeachment hearings!

I get the feeling the only sex old Bill is having these with himself.


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