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September 28, 2005

A bunch of red-headed stepchildren

I wonder if any of these democrats had parents? Here's why...

When we elect a president, in my opinion, we elect someone to act as head of the family...a la familia, of Americans. Sure, families fight and people sometimes disagree, but there is a code of ehthics in a family. Well, this is a code my no-account brother obviously forgot, but this isn't about him. Well, maybe a little.

In the family here, GW Bush is the father figure. Sure, you don't always agree with Dad, but there are ways to let him know that. You don't run to the neighbors and bad-mouth him, or stand on the curb screaming about how big of an idiot and a racist you think he Sir. You keep your feelings and your issues in the family. You give your father the respect he deserves, and you treat him accordingly, no mattter how you may feel at the time. Oddly enough, after all the bullshit you give Dad, he still comes to help you when you need it, and you don't even feel any shame for how you acted previously. You keep up the gimme, gimme, gimme, and he keeps giving, although you don't deserve it.

What people don't understand, if you stand on the curb or run to the neighbor to bad-mouth your father, it doesn't make you look good. In fact, you look like a weak minded, weak willed, insignificant person for not showing any character. Fortunately for you, your father doesn't want to hammer you for the puke that you are...but your brother does...

What these narrow-minded people don't know is how absolutely rediculous they look to citizens of other countries. They see us on TV and laugh at us, thinking we already have too many freedoms and not enough character. The problem is, when they laugh, I'm in the room, so to speak, since I'm stationed overseas. My 'brothers" make me ashamed of being an American, for if they can't show loyalty to Dad, then who will they be loyal to? They were obviously spoiled and indulged as children. Where did you learn that life was all about you? Where's the honor that Dad deserves? How long are you going to blame him for your problems and when are you going to finally be a man?

Do you hear me Mr. Rangel? Mr. Sharpton? Do you hear me Chris? You three are far too old to be "feeling your oats" and rebelling against Dad. Respect him or shut your faces. Spread your wings somewhere else.

When our brothers disrespect our fathers, what are we to do?


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