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September 28, 2005

Ashton's a good man...

Well, lots of other adjectives can be used to describe his signing-up for his high-maintenance honey, but I'll just stick with "good man." He likes the older chicks. I can dig it. Yahoo news said:

"The younger man is attracted to an older woman most likely because of her poise, her social graces, her contacts. She has a polish he hasn't yet acquired," Dr. Joyce Brothers says of the younger man-older woman dynamic.

"She, on the other hand, could be attracted to his promise in their mutual endeavor — in this case Hollywood. Or his exuberance, his fresh way of looking at the world," Brothers told The Associated Press on Monday.

Brothers added that a woman's sexual peak is at a later age. The May-December match is happening more, she said, because "we're remaining vigorous, active and healthy longer — men and woman. The younger person doesn't have to worry about spending long years nursing the older one."

Always a pairing ripe for fiction — the films "Harold and Maude," "The Graduate," "Something's Gotta Give" and "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" are examples — the allure of the older woman is also a Hollywood reality."

Yep, in my own world, this is true. I dig the older chicks too, and the age gap between us is smailler than the Kucher-Moore one. The reality is, instead of her having a polish I have yet to acquire...she is the polished one...I'll never get that polish, I'm too primitive.

Hey! Maybe that's what she digs about me?


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  1. I love his joy for life, his sense of adventure, the way he looks at me...he is such a "guy", all male, not primitive at all. There is nothing girly about this man. He is brutally honest and values...for lack of a better word...strong moral values, He enjoys my joy at his opening doors for me, his pulling out of a chair for me, not only to make sure I have a place to sit...but that once sitting I'll be safe. Primitive?...Oh yeah...definitely so, yet as the male gatherer, he regales me with me flowers, poems and songs. How wrong can this be?