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September 30, 2005

The Daily Planet

Remember Spider Man? He worked for the fictional newspaper "The Daily Planet." Well, I think the news today has about as much truth an objectivity as that fictional entity. Aside from that, it's always funny what American media people concentrate on. I spoke about it a few blogs ago, but here's another example.

I turn on the TV here in the Middle East, and you see Star News covering a story about a raid on a brothel in London where suspected "white slavery" was happening and the women had been trafficked in from 19 different countries, mostly in Eastern Europe. A sidebar to the story was about using an all-female police raid team to do it (I could hack on that all day, but I won't, and I don't know why).

Changing the Channel, there's CNN covering the story of the car bombings in Hilla, Iraq.

Flipping again...on came BBC News, where the girl was interviewing a South African doctor about the Bird Flu, which is said to be getting ready to become a "pandemic." I still wonder where they keep finding all the Brit girls with good teeth, and think to myself the three channels were covering some important stuff right at the top of the newscast. Of course, Star news can follow the worst story imaginable with the soccer (football to them) news and make it sound just as important. To them it is... They love their football, followed closely by crickett-definitely a gentleman's game...

Turning to CNN World (I know, you're thinking I get alot of news channels...and soccer), they're covering the fires in California, obviously trying to set that up as the next disaster after the two hurricanes, realizing that Ray Nagin just isn't that interesting...

Then I turn on Fox, which has "Fox and Friends" coming on. I see E.D. Hill, dressed as tacky as usual and having her daily "bad hair day," with an other-worldly hair color that's not her, yet still not as trailer-trashy and gutter-sluttish as the ex's hair. Suddenly E.D. yells out "Joe Montana!"

Without hesitation, I switched back to Star.


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