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September 28, 2005

More proof we're all crazy

Our craziness is obvious. Glaringly...blindingly...disgustingly obvious.

We have a white lawmaker in Tennessee who tries to get into a "Black Caucus" there. First, he's not black, but whatever his intention, the fact the blacks in the club wouldn't let him in, then labeled him a "white supremacist" is typical bullshit. This at the same time we see congressman (small c) Elijah Cummings trot out the "Congressional Black Caucus" in order to start the smoke generator called the "race card," in an effort to screen any blame for the jacked-up situation in New Orleans away from the black Mayor. Where's the Congressional "White Caucus," the Congressional "bHispanic Caucus," the Congressional "Native American Caucus?" That's f'ing weak.

Then we have Charlie Rangel, another black congressman, come out and say Bush is the modern day version of Bull Connor. That's f'ing weak too. When Bill O'Reilly asked him about it, and told him the statistics show the current administration is helping combat poverty more than the last, Mr. Rangel replied "they used to lynch us in the South." I think I hear the Coo-coo bird...

What disturbs me even more is the PC atmosphere in our country, blatantly demonstrated by everyone's lack of outrage over what Mr. Rangel said. People are so concerned with not offending someone that they allow transgressions like these. When a liberal says some bullshit like this, all the other spineless liberals and the liberal media stay in their holes. What about the 30+ years of black mayors in New Orleans? No one wants to admit their failure through the years, do they? Well guess what...the same failure is happening in Atlanta.

Mr. Rangel actually blamed President Bush for 28% of the black people in New Orleans living in poverty. Thirty years of black leadership in New Orleans and in 2005 the poverty situation there, according to Mr. Rangel, is President Bush's fault. What's worse? No one waved the bullshit flag! Can you believe we have these idiots running our country? They should all be fired for being stupid and wasting our time and money.

Mr. Rangel is a racist jerkoff.

There, I spoke the truth...


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