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July 2, 2018


I just heard the term "Duck Face" for the first time. Funny. Yeah, I know...where have I been, blah blah blah. It seems girls actually do make that face every time they take another vain selfie picture of themselves. Damn that Kim Kardashian. She isn't the first girl with big lips you know. However, some Duck Faces aren't that flattering. Stupid really. And vain. Take a picture of something else for once. Did you hear about this video camera that turns on when it sees you and tracks and records your every move. Orwell told us this would happen. Remember, they use the same sort of cameras in airports and prisons. People never realize how they give up their freedoms until they have none. They do it willingly, then try to blame others when it happens. As for me, I'm going fishing. See you out there.

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