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July 2, 2018

Amazing! A Rant from October 16, 2016 is Still Valid!!!

In yet another edition of "TODAY'S INDIFFERENCE WITH BRAINCLOGGER," I comment on the following: -Today is "National Coming Out Day" and if there is anything called "less-of-a-shit," that's what I'm giving on that topic. So what, you're gay. Well woop-dee-freaking-doo, keep your sexual orientation issues to yourself. I don't give a crap. -Obama wants to send people to Mars. Personally, I'd like to send Obama to way...and help the rest of his sycophantic personality cult pack to go with him. Too bad he gives more to NASA than to the vets that shed their blood keeping this boiling cauldron called America free enough for him to fuck it up some more. National debt...that's all I have to say, the shell game of running us into debt we can't recover from while blowing smoke up our butts and telling us how great everything is...when it's not. But I digress. Nancy O'Dell is saying she's the woman Trump was talking about in his now infamous "P-word" rant. First, this cosmetic surgery queen strikes me as someone that feels some sort of desire to stay in the spotlight. I mean, why would you put yourself in the middle of that shitstorm? Oh, and her assertion that "men's locker room talk" has no place in government is absurd. Women talk trash too. Come on, you know you do. Admit it. You'll feel better. Besides, Trump isn't some kind of southern gent or metro-sexual douche-bag. He's a product of New York City. Only PC boot-lickers, "P-word-whipped men" and the women who own them are truly surprised by the supposedly "offensive" banter. Well, maybe not the latter. Sorry, I'm not offended either. It's not offensive to me. Besides, the true sell-outs are already in government with names like Ryan, Reid, Pelosi, Cruz, Chafitz, Obama, and Schumer. What is offensive is how the news media lets Hillary get away with anything and everything and are in "cahoots" with the dems. I mean, when the debate moderator went to your wedding, you rigged the debate. When your husband goes on a plane to talk to the attorney general the Friday before you're supposed to get in deep shit over mishandling classified data, then you don't, you rigged the system. When you say you're pro-woman but get dough from Saudi and no one calls you on it, you rigged the media. When you sell US government uranium to the Russians, who pay your foundation (not the govt), then you say the Russians are working with Trump, then the news backs you up on the Trump thing and ignores the uranium are completely corrupt and so are they (I could go on forever). Yep, above the law. She could punch a baby in the face in Times Square on national TV and the press would give her a pass. Truly offensive things are crimes against children, XXX stretchy pants, lawyers, fat people who claim their donut habit is caused by "low blood sugar," people that push their religion on others, fishermen that don't catch and release, and the fact no one seems to remember "sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me." Arrghh.

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