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July 3, 2018

Ratship.Blogspot.Com is now

The blog is out from the shadows. Now you can find it, share it, comment on it, suggest future rants, articles, commentary, etc. I may as well apologize now. I may offend you. I might make you laugh. You may misinterpret sarcasm for anger or vitriol. There will be no sniveling. I'll tell it like it is, usually very bluntly. Sometimes it will be serious, but most times it will be tongue-in-cheek sarcastic wise-ass commentary intended to make you both think, and laugh. Hopefully you'll come to see my blog as a place with common sense truth-telling, waving the bullshit flag on people that deserve it, or giving someone credit where credit is due even if the mainstream media would rather shit on that person. Enjoy!

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