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July 2, 2018

From the Archive: The First Rant of 2017

Denial is an ugly thing. Obama denying he had any scandals during his 8 years is ugly. It makes him look stupid and cowardly. His people doing it for him only makes it worse. #EricHolder denying he was part of that is ugly. California hiring him to be anti-POTUS is worse. Libs everywhere in their denial to accept the election results are doing ugly shit everywhere. Obama too. Just go away already. #DonLemmon's disgusting version of denial is stating the four black kids that tortured the white kid in Chicago wasn't a hate crime. Yes it was. Lib denial makes them meekly report and "lib deny" the incident and sound as stupid as they obviously are. If roles were reversed, the mall protests in Chicago (they don't protest in the black neighborhoods there) would be in full swing and riot fires would be seen from space. Hypocracy is that other ugly thing. To a liberal, accepting reality must be as bad as denial or honesty. Libs actually love #Trump. He's the guy that lets them finally stop blaming GW Bush for everything, jump over all the libs in between and now blame everything on Trump. Would Killary be getting this much bullshit? I think not. To a lib she's Snow White when in fact she's the Evil Queen and the mirror fell off the wall and shattered into fifty-million sniveling, whining, where-is-my-stress-dog liberal pieces. I digress, so I circle back around and blame this on Obama and all his sycophantic drones. Let me be clear...if you relinquish your brain to the bathwater-drinking liberal cause, I don't care what your opinion is. I'm sick and tired of liberal bullshit. You don't sound smart. Your position makes no sense. What manner of excrement is in that cranium of yours? Fast and Furious was a scandal. Benghazi was a scandal. The beer summit thing was a scandal. Missing stimulus money is a scandal. Need I go on? This country has become so permissive to sniveling assholes that idiots like the four black kids in Chicago thought nothing of broadcasting torture and hate on Facebook. Can the internet actually make people more stupid? The "selfie generation," so insecure yet so bafflingly conceited they constantly take their own picture. How about a picture of you getting a job, helping out instead of wanting a hand-out? How about a selfie of a new set of balls, a backbone, or the ability to shut your mouth, accept reality, learn how our country actually works, and remember, some of us just suffered through 8 years of a complete disaster. #BruceSpringsteen? He went from the "Boss" to a complete douche. Shut up and sing Bruce. The fact money made you lose your friggin mind is a different issue. Nonsequitor yes, but so what. Oh, and if any lib reading this is so offended you want to reply, good, but don't bother. Like I said before, your delusional kool-aide drinking lib philosophy makes your argument ridiculous and your opinion nonsense. Obama said he had a phone and a pen, well I have a delete button and a middle finger. Cheers!

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