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October 28, 2005

More proof we're all crazy...Dead Celebrity watch!

We're so concerned with the truly unimportant, that we actually track the money earned by dead celebrities. What's worse is, I'm alive, and they still made more than me. Aside from that, someone is sitting back fat and happy, profiting off the earnings of a dead celebrity. Now there's the definition of completely worthless. I'd like to know where the money is going, for I could really give a shit about who made what.

Of course, what's even more sad, is a national money magazine like Forbes is reporting this crap. Oh, and doing so right next to more articles about big, gas-guzzling pig SUV's. When will Americans finally concentrate on the truly important things in life? When will we realize that we can't scorch the earth, suck up all the resources, scream "more more, gimme gimme" all the time, and finally give a damn about each other and our environment. When will the meaningless, the greed, the apathy, and the hate go away?

Our society is in its downfall. We've gotten so fat and lazy we've sealed our fate. Greed and hate has replaced caring and sharing. National or even community spirit has been replaced by "what's in it for me," and the feeling of "I'm looking out for number one." Well I ask you, what have all these people done to think they deserve such selfishness? We've segregated ourselves into subcultures with our own interests, looking to the government for special treatment, instead of everyone wanting to contribute to the bigger team. Yes, we segregate ourselves. We tear our country apart from the inside, while other countries laugh at us, and say we deserve it.

They may be right.


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