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October 27, 2005

Wilma response...

So it's been what? Three days? Unbelievable how people are blaming the governor for a slow response. Actually, thinking about it...a democratic state, a republican governor whose brother is the president. Skip that "unbelievable part."

Go ahead and bitch all you want. Does anyone (besides me) understand the sheer magnitude of bringing over 6 million people three days worth of supply of food, water, and ice? Everybody sitting around waiting for someone to help them can just sit and wait some more.

American's are INCREDIBLY UNREALISTIC, and far too self-involved. Reason?
  • When you're not part of the process and tell the government to get away all the time, then a hurricane comes and you EXPECT the government to help you.
  • When it's the first day after the storm that you need gas, baby food, medicine, and ice. Are you kidding me? What's worse is you're desperate enough to pay $20 a gallon. Look in the visor mirror to see an idiot.
  • When you expect for a never-ending supply of disaster aid with no interruption. When they invent the Star Trek transporter to replace the tractor-trailer, then maybe... There's also the loading the trucks, getting the supplies to load, producing the supplies, etc.
  • When it's the first day after the storm and you realize you need some cash, or a Big Mac is the thing to get. Here's some advice: Get it in Jacksonville.
  • When you decide you would rather sit and bitch about it being the "third world" rather than getting in the car or on the train and leaving until the power comes back on.

I am so tired of American civilians whining like the sniveling sissies they are. Stand on your own two feet, stop yelling "we want it and we want it now," and realize things don't happen instantly, trucks leaving Tallahassee don't get to Miami in an hour, and suck it up. You chose to live in Florida, now live with that decision. The governor's not to blame, but guess who is?

You. You're to blame. Go see if your neighbors are okay. Clean something. Clean something of the neighbors. Have some room temperature water, it won't kill you, you pampered (CENSORED). Stop doing the "gimme, gimme, gimme" routine. Some of us are tired of seeing supposedly "free" Americans doing that shit. What did you ever do to deserve so much. What did you do to deserve anything? When do we tell welfare recipients enough is enough? When do we stop the bullshit Cuban policy that pays them when they get here? What's with all the handouts? We've turned everyone into trained pets, only responding when you give them something, with no motivation of their own, and who use their free-will to complain their handouts aren't satisfactory. That's friggin sad.

By the way, the democrat lackey mayor in Miami can shut his trap too... People elected you because they wanted a cop, not a politician. Stop trying to be one.


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