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January 14, 2006

Let's move to Sarasota to get away from the "houseless!"

Enough of the mamby-pamby coddling of the "houseless," let's get real. No one wants some bum sleeping on your porch or in your car, so politically correct sympathy is a waste of time and makes people who "support" the homeless look like a bunch of spineless drones. Then the press asks the dude in charge of the Washington-based National Coalition for the Homeless what he thinks?.

Based where? Where did they find him? In Washington? Where in Washington? Is it under the bridge near the Lincoln Memorial? Third trash can from the back gate of the White House? The dumpster behind the National Archives? I don't think so. I wonder how much he gets paid...and where his money comes from? If people have enough dough for a "national coalition," which is another term for a lobbyist, then they have enough for a place to live. They do actually have offices, a web site, paid employees, and get money in a number of ways, including the Combined Federal Campaign which is a yearly donation drive from Department of Defense personnel, and by telemarketing (and we all know how much we love telemarketers).

So they call homeless people lying around drunk, messing up the place "camping," do they? We used to call it loitering or vagrancy, but I guess that was too unkind to the vagrant homeless? So what do we call actual camping? I can see it now...some father somewhere says "come on kids, we're going camping" ...and all the kids start crying."

Funny how we don't talk about where the houseless problem is the worst, just where people living indoors are the biggest bunch of "meanies." I bet if we did, someone would say the problem is because of racism, which is patronizing bullshit that just embarrasses all of us. Yep, it's that kind of thing that makes Americans look so freaking stupid.


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