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January 14, 2006

The problem with liberals (well, one of them anyway).

Now you see, Lionel Tate is an asshole punk kid who is headed for either a life sentence or an early grave. Everybody knows it, yet liberal lawyers are acting like they're oh-so worried about his supposed rights. Sure they are.

What these lawyers are really doing is everything they can in order to get some attention, because obviously they didn't get enough as kids. Are people really so concerned with the rights of criminals and miscreants? I don't think so. Why would anyone have such a fervor for defending scum that rob and assault people at gunpoint...people who are just trying to make a living and mind their own business?

The lesser burden of proof ''deprives him of all the rights a person should have when he faces life in prison,'' Rubin said this morning in Fort Lauderdale. Hey Einstein (yes, I'm aware of the double entendre), he was in the can for killing someone, and was supposed to keep his nose clean. Instead, he's been back to jail two times already. Dick...

When we start concentrating on the good people, maybe the bad will get the hint. It's like in the Army, where we spend 95% of our time dealing with 5% of our troops...the bad ones, while the rest suffer because of that. I've learned that hammering the bad makes the rest of the bad wise-up. Lionel Tate is a lost cause and needs to get hammered as an example to the other shitheads out there. He doesn't deserve any more attention than it takes to do that.

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