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March 7, 2021


 Biden Signs Election Executive Order to Increase Voting by Criminals (

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of the leftists putting law-abiding citizens last. What do I mean?

  • priority on attacking free speech (you said what? You're racist)
  • priority to illegal aliens
  • priority to amnesty for illegals
  • priority for teacher's unions
  • priority to environmentalists
  • priority to globalist billionaires
  • priority to failed blue state governments
  • priority to "critical race theory" (which is blatantly, overtly racist)
  • priority to the "1619 project" (a New York Times opinion piece that's become leftist dogma)
  • priority to Black Lives Matter
  • priority to denying Antifa
  • priority to leftist payback in the form of pork in the "COVID" bill
  • priority to change voter laws to entrench leftists in government
  • priority to removing government accountability and transparency by executive order
  • priority to political elites
  • priority to the double-standard
  • priority to leftist district attorneys funded by billionaire leftists
  • priority to abortionists
  • priority to China
  • priority to tech billionaires while coordinating to censor conservative voices
  • priority to gun control groups and attacking the constitution 
  • priority on attacking legal gun ownership while criminal violence is ignored.
  • priority on sacrificing children for the sake of politics
  • priority on ignoring human trafficking for the sake of politics
  • priority on harming women and girls for the sake of politics
And now...
  • priority on criminal voters.
That's typical lefty lawlessness. After Democrat fraud in the last election, why stop? After all, they won. Anyone with half a brain could see as soon as mail-in voting came in, the fix was in. No way that stumbling, impaired "president by executive order" embarrassment won in a fair election. Watching him is like watching the movie "Weekend at Bernies." This is the democrat "best and brightest?" Then the hypocrites in the Congress talk about "bipartisanship." Charles Schumer must have a required amount of lies he needs to spew daily like a drunk needs booze. Duplicity is their watchword. It's blatantly obvious none of them are thinking for themselves. How is destroying a nation "progressive?"

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