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March 4, 2021


Actually, the term "duplicitous lying sacks of shit" would be more accurate. They admitted to their leftist bias and influence on the 2020 elections, and now oppose Australia for trying to get a handle on both of them.

“The risk is that an eSafety commissioner could order the removal of ‘offensive’ content with public interest value (such as, posts from whistleblowers that contain allegations similar to stories considered by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse),” Facebook said.

Seriously? They are objecting to the EXACT SAME THING THEY DO IN THE U.S. AND WORLDWIDE. They are absolutely shameless. Their in-house "fact checkers" make sure the truth is what they say it is. Their "offensive" standard is anything that might harm their control of the internet or commerce in China. How is it computer nerds that make it rich turn into megalomaniacs? Why does the kid with the prison haircut and the one that needs a bath with the ring in his nose think they should control the information people get? Globalist greed really is an astoundingly profane thing. We know they control the democrats. We know they control the leftist corporate media. We know they donate huge sums to socialists and Marxists. You would think after making it rich they would be the most loyal to this country, but that isn't so. Maybe they need some time in the Marine Corps...if they could cut it. 

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