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February 15, 2010

Did you know???

In Spanish-speaking countries they don't have the option to "Press 2 for English?"

In predominantly Korean-speaking areas of our country, they don't do "press 2 for Korean," yet STILL do "press 2 for Spanish." Same with French, Italian, Armenian, Creole, and other areas of our country.

They even ask you if you want to continue in Spanish at ATM's on INDIAN RESERVATIONS! What the F---?

Do you know how silly it is to press a button to continue in English?

Do you know one of the only countries in the world to NOT declare a national language is the US? Political correctness = spineless leadership.

Do you know it's gotten so bad in Miami that foreigners working there chastise Americans that don't speak Spanish? Yep, it happened to Brainclogger at Sam's Club. That was lots of fun.

Do you know it's actually easier to speak English than Spanish? Yep. Try remembering all the verb tenses and masculine/feminine references in Spanish. It makes you freaking crazy! soy, son, somos, es, esta, este, estan, estamos, arggh! La cabeza de Brainclogger es por todas partes. (Brainclogger's head is everywhere)

All this makes me there English Braille and Spanish Braille, or is it just Braille?

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