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February 20, 2010

Snowboarder Lago goes home after "scandalous" pictures hit the internet

Dont Go Scotty! Dude! Don't go! Stay! Embrance your heterosexual behavior! Relish in your rebellious snowboarder culture!

In today's PC society, two things people tend to forget are first, no matter where you go, you can always find some sleazy broad ready to drop to her knees to kiss something, and second, if it was a guy that went to his knees to kiss the medal, no one would have the guts to say a damn thing.

You're not Tiger Woods and his bevy of strippers, or the governor of South Carolina and his lying to the whole state reference his whereabouts and flying all the way to South America for a "liaison." You're not even Michael Phelps doing a bong hit! That's right, the sweetheart of the olympics shows up in his 1960's B-space movie silver coat and he's a media darling, and thank goodness for the media's short-term memory, right?

A young kid wins a medal and does some partying. No drugs, it wasn't someone else's wife (at least I don't think so), and she did what she did of her own free will so where's the problem? Not appropriate conduct? Mr. Kettle, this is Mr. soon as you stop the professional athletes from competing in your "amateur" event, stop selling-out to corporate greed, and decide to concentrate on sport instead of turning the event into a metaphor for global conflict, your little rules of conduct are assinine.

Maybe if Lago was doing a bong hit with Phelps standing next to him, you would have said nothing. Whatever happened to loving the rebels and young upstarts? Is what happened at the party really more important than his accomplishment? We've had Presidents spoodge on their interns in the White House and they stayed at the show!

Maybe we should blame Harvey and the scandal soldiers at TMZ? Do they have to broadcast everything they receive? This kid will probably be embarrassed about this for the rest of his life, and he suffers any sort of issues over it, TMZ is to blame. He's a kid. Remember when you were 21 and thought you knew everything, only to reach 31 or 41 and realize all you didn't know?

Stay Dude, Stay! Get ten more chicks to kiss the medal. Get the Flying Tomato to kiss it too before his head is too big to fit in the room.

Scotty Lago is my new hero!

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