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February 19, 2010

Tiger yells "shut-up, beeyatch!" to both men and women

Actually, Brainclogger needs to tell some stupid whores to shut the F--K up! Patti Poon-Stanger, the hagged-out, bad-hair hostess of the severely anti-man TV show "Millionaire Matchmaker," the show where one gold-digging slut teaches others how to trick a man in order to get his money, tells us " I can read body language," and Tiger isn't sincere. Well, well, well, look who we get our commentary from. This is the same body language used to help trick men into parting with their money, just like, should I say it? Street walking, man-milk-guzzling, mattress-backed street whores. Ooh, harsh, isn't it?

The mistress...rather, one of Tiger Woods' weak-willed, shit-brained, starry-eyed gravy-train jumping tramps decides she's going to hold her own press conference with her celebrity attorney after Tiger's press conference. Holy smoke, a stripped who suddenly thinks she's someone special! Is your name Moll Flanders? Guess what honey, you're famous for dropping your drawers for a guy with money, just like, a street walking, man-milk-guzzling, mattress-backed street whore. The celebrity attorney in this case is nothing more than a pimp. Could it be pimp-ette? Okay, for sake of argument, she's a media whore, thrown in with the other whores.

Let's set the record straight. Wandering eyes-forgivable. Went to the strip club-forgivable. A little fellatio in the limo after a night out drinking by a girl dealing them out with no one special in particular-forgivable. Hey, what's okay for the president is okay for Tiger...but dip your junk into another woman-unforgivable! That's right! I say ONE affair is unforgivable, so I won't even entertain the severity of two slutty strumpet six-packs. At least twelve tarts-a- laying...come on fellas, golf or no golf, he swore to everyone, in church, to God that he would honor his wife and forsake all others, and he didn't do it.

GRETA's upset with him. That's good, she's credible and has righteous anger. I won't go into my aversion to her cosmetic surgery. GAWKER says he needs her more than she needs him. I say yes and no. While he is clearly the mental midget in the relationship and far weaker from a moral fiber perspective, the mere fact the issue is how much ass he's getting and how much of his vast fortune she would get indicates he can go down either route with equal ease. He can, however, count as a blessing the traumatic episode on Thanksgiving night. Without that, the booty count could have gone even higher, the public shame and embarrassment even more shocking. Hey, if he was caught in the sack with another woman, got one pregnant, or came home with a disease, this thing would be too sordid even for TMZ.

For men to forgive him so readily speaks to the weakness of men. The feminizing of our society speaks to the weakness of men. Just look at TV lately; shows like Millionaire Matchmaker" and the commercials during the Superbowl (a traditionally male event) bashing men at every turn. The new thing is to use men as sport, to emasculate them, to show them wearing clown shoes.

For women to give us our rightful place in life, we can't forcefully take it, we can't scream about it, and we can't bow-down or bend-over for women. We have to show them by the strength of our morality and our integrity that we're solid, steadfast, and serious about our convictions. Such conduct tells women we are strong yet gentlemanly, strong yet caring, and both respectful and deserving respect. Don't dismiss what Tiger did. If you do, when your woman cheats on you for having character of an imbecile, you can forget about that and about your self-respect at the same time. Let her cheat on's okay. Men will be the downfall of men, it seems.

There's an old saying "a thousand years can't replace a moment's lost integrity." It's true no matter if it's Kobe Bryant using words like "axkin," saying he's "wif" his wife (he was going for "with"), muttering "erf" instead of earth, or Tiger Woods speaking eloquently, be it ever so contrived and scripted. I say shame on both of them, and shame on Clinton too, and all the other cheaters that ask for forgiveness. Marriage is a zero-defect arrangement when it comes to laying down with other women, no matter how much money you have. Think of it as a one-round shotgun with the safety off and a hair trigger pointed at your head; you know it's loaded, and what will happen, so for your own safety and self-preservation you just don't mess with it. If you do, those that see your scattered mess of a head and say "what a dumb-shit, screw him, he was an ass anyway" about you should say the same if you get caught cheating.

Regardless of the outcome, it begs the question...if these guys weren't so famous, would the women have stayed with them? The feminist view should be that the wife should tell him to get lost, take the money and go home. It won't be. Especially not for that Matchmaker chick. They said nothing when Hillary stayed with Bill for political purposes. They told Monica Lewinsky "you go girl." They told Kobe's wife to stay for the money, and they'll probably tell Elin Woods to do the same. Then there's the issue of never, ever commenting when women step out on their husbands. Madonna makes a fool of herself with A-Rod and all they say on the View is "doesn't she look fabulous!" But I digress.

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