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October 13, 2008

Columbo didn't discover anything.

Okay, Columbus "discovered" the new world...or really, he didn't! No, he didn't discover jack squat. First, how do you "discover" a place where people already live? Did he work for Discovery Channel or something? Then, unless your world view is one seen through the eyes of a European, and your "world" revolves around the ego centrism associated with the view that Europe is the center of the universe, Columbus is just a privateer searching for gold, which is what he was. I bet all the people he killed by spreading new diseases around really appreciated his "discovering" them. Here you go, nice to see you, give us some gold while we infect your village and oppress you with our apparently "superior" religion. Yep, that's how it starts. There's always someone out there thinking he's better than you, telling you how to think and showing you how wrong you are. Hmmm, seems oddly familar, doesn't it?

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