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October 13, 2008

Drop Baby drop!!! Here's how we fix our country.

I say let the stock market crash. I say let all those people that think social security is a retirement plan piss and moan till doomsday. I say take oil and gas off the commodities exchange so "anticipation" can't be a criteria for increased oil prices. I say jail the people that have half-million dollar parties the day before their company gets bailed out by the government. I say flog CEO's that get paid millions of dollars after leaving failed financial institutions. I say fire any congressman with an approval rating lower than the president's (that would be about half of them). I say throw out political parties once you're elected. I say take foreign car companies off the American financial markets. I say take money out of circulation and let the trade deficit drop with the price of oil. I say the Saudis are our enemy more than North Korea. I say let old Braincloggeer pick out the liars in government and throw them out on their ears.

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