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April 18, 2006

AP: States Omit Minorities' School Scores


This is political correctness gone mad. First comes forced bussing so schools "represent" the politically correct mix of kids and politicians can feel warm and fuzzy while they justify school funding while again being politically correct. Then we put in the "no child left behind" law that makes school kids take tests to see if they're learning. After that, in order to see if it's all working, schools report the statistics, but if there is a "disproportionate amount of minorities," then they're not counted? What kind of stupid s--t is that?

This is racial pandering, and it's some PC bullshit we don't need. If people really want racial equality, stop identifying school children by the color of their skin. Where do you think they learn that stuff from? From us.

Oh, and while you're at it, we can stop naming kids "Laquanya" and "Shaniqua" and such. I know a guy named Dan, who had a daughter. So you think she would be "Danielle," right? Wrong. Danette. Can you believe that? Danette?

In Tampa I saw a little girl whose mother named her Shithead, pronouncing the word like Shi-thaid. What happens when she realizes her name is shit-head? I'm not making this up. Another kid was named NosmoKing. His mother said she got on the bus to go to the hospital and there on the front of the bus was her son's name..."No Smoking."

Maybe that lady needs to take the test?

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