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April 17, 2006

Israel Reportedly Proposes Swap for Spy

...and still people wonder why everyone hates Israel. I'm not surprised. Here they are, the United State's biggest charity child, and they're still more self-serving than any other nation.

This latest swap for a spy isn't between Israel and Palestine. It isn't even really between Israel and the U.S. No. In a classic, conniving, sneaky puke Jewish state maneuver, they'll let a terrorist go back to Palestine if we release someone they had spying...on us! Classic!

Where do we come in on this? The neighbor keeps running over my mailbox, but I'll forget about that if my boss at work pays to get my house painted. What? There is no connection, and it makes very little (if any) sense.

What Israel is really saying is; "we let this terrorist go who is against the current Palestinian government, and tell the Americans we'll do it in exchange for one of our spies, who we just gave citizenship. They're stupid enough to go for it, and if not, our paid lobbyists will make everybody feel guilty about not supporting our cause. Ha! Ha! Ha! Dumb bastards! We crap all over them and they just keep forking over the dough! What's better is, we have them thinking they have to!"

In a blatant F-U to the United States, the spy that was the handler for the American they turned into a spy, was just put on the Israeli Parliament. Thanks a lot for that one. We appreciate it. What's worse is most of the terrorism we deal with is in direct response to our relationship with Israel, yet we keep forking over the cash and letting them do whatever they want. Good thing I'm not president.

I love this kind of whiny bullshit. After all, the stereotype of the sniveling, deceitful, back-stabbing, money-grubbing jew wouldn't be so cliche' if not for the continued support of such childlike behavior. Yes, they may be a government, but they act like children. Yes, the children can be smart, and strong, and talented, but underneath, they're still children.

Well, the children grew-up to be the bastard, red-headed stepchildren we all use as metaphor for the kids that everyone knows just aren't yours...the kids that blatantly point out a relationship with someone that was a mistake. I don't feel guilty about what happened to them in WW2, and it's time we stopped it. After all, if we should feel guilty then why do Jews drive German cars?

Israel is our mistake. They're like the kids that take your hard-earned money as an allowance and use it to pay for someone to kick your ass. Where do you think the money came from they used for spying on us?

Clearly, when the pros stop outweighing the cons, it's time to cut them loose. They think they're tough enough to go it alone. I say we let them.

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