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July 16, 2018


Onomatopoeia. Sounds like a bullshit word, doesn't it? Like some blue-blood high-brow canape-taking a-hole should say it with a deviated septum. Ahh-Nho-Mahh-To-Peee-Yaa." Say it while holding your nostrils closed. It seems like an unnecessary word. It means the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it (such as buzz, hiss); alsoa word formed by onomatopoeia (Miriam Webster). That last part makes it sound like the definition of "it is what it is." Like Slap. Douche. Barf. Why does naming a word after what it sounds like have to have it's own definition? It takes just as long to say "onomatopoeia" as it does "word spelled like it sounds." It's like someone saying "I dig your prose." No one except a pompous d-bag would say that. Or a wanna-be literary poser. Or any one of the numerous "I always wanted to be a critic. I just have to go trash every author I meet at Bookcon on Amazon." They suck. Wait! Is that Onomatopoeia? No. But it's the truth. And what explains "boink?"

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