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July 16, 2018

Do Other Companies Fix Their Own Errors? Not COMCAST!!!

My father has been dead for three years. We tell Comcast over and over that he is no longer with us, therefore he is no longer the account holder at the service address.  They say they need a copy of the death certificate. Well, fuck you. Give me a copy of your father's death certificate, dipshit. Here we are offering to take the bill...asking to take the bill, practically begging, and Comcast is belligerent to us. Then there's the bill. New customer? Here are all the discounts in the world. Old customer? Yep, here's your new higher rate. Bang! For all the money you give us, eat shit, give us more. Loyalty be damned, we have a monopoly so bend over and take it!!! Seems upside-down to me. Oh, and they send the bill to the wrong address and won't change it. They made the mistake. Instead of an R2 on the bill (meaning Rear building, 2nd floor, and the identity of the mailbox), some careless philistine typed F2, which means nothing. But they won't make the change without the account holder's approval!!. You know, the guy that's been dead three years. Arrghh.

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