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July 13, 2018

Papa Johns and The Year-Long PC Vendetta Against John Schnatter

I smell the smelly smell of the L-word. First they condemn him for exercising his right to free speech as one of the biggest sponsors of the NFL and shit-can him from the company, then Trump-up this new thing and toss him from the board. It's sad. They take an out-of-context reference to the oh-so-tragic double-standard laden liberal white guilt-addled "N-word," the apparent mother of all taboos and fry the guy? I call bullshit. Or rather, I call the B-Word, S-Word. The double-standard sucks some serious D-Word.  "Hi Samantha Bee. Thanks for calling the First Lady of the United States the C-Word, here's a free pass for you. We know you said it directly, but it's not as bad as a training session second-hand reference to the N-word and you're one of us libs, so there you go. Arrghh. Well here's another N-word for you...Nonsense. Take a reference to a pathetically, and unglaublich verboten word (depending on who says it, hence the double-standard) out of context and make Schnatter a pariah. Label him a racist. Let your sniveling, decrepit liberal souls feel the warm salve of politically-correct smear and slander. Have at it. Did he actually call someone the "word that must not be spoken lest ye a racist?" I don't see any reference to that anywhere, going back to the commentary about the NFL flag protests. Who then, is out to get him? Are the A-Words on the board of directors, whose jobs wouldn't exist if not for John Schnatter creating the company, ganging-up on him? Are they as big a bunch of P-Words as they appear? Is everybody really that sensitive? Or that spineless? Context is important, isn't it? So when blacks spread the N-word around, all is well, but Schnatter making a historic reference to it (not calling someone it) is racist? B-Word S-Word Flag. I think they were just out to get him and they saw this as their chance to get completely rid of him. Funny how he isn't taken-down by competition from another pizza chain, but rather, by internal hatred, scheming, greed, and PC. Liberals (L-Words) are so disgustingly disingenuous and cowardly they should consider the word "Liberal" as grossly overused and paradoxically scandalized as the "N-word." Yep, the L-word is what got John Schnatter. We really need to figure out what is truly offensive, and what isn't. W-Word, T-Word, F-Word...

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