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April 28, 2006

Latin Hollywood Actors Talk Out Their Collective Ass...

First, Salma Hayak made the mistake of thinking she was anything more than a nice piece of ass. She's about as loyal to Mexico as Nanook of the North. Here's some pampered Hollywood liberal giving a "go team go" comment on her way to a European promotional tour for a movie she made where she pretended to be someone else and got paid for it. Wow! Talk about your benefit to society. where did you make all your money there, Sweet Pea? Who's side are you on anyway?

Edward James Olmos said protests and boycotts will teach the US a lesson? Right. I love how everyone thinks people here illegally should tell the United States government how wrong the government is. By the way, Eddie, politicians don't learn anything, or didn't you learn that since you're born and raised in Los Angeles? Whose side are you on anyway?

John Leguizamo, who came to this country when he was 4, says it's "insulting" that the law would call an immigrant a criminal. Well John, apparently you're a talented actor, but you're just not that bright. Or maybe you're only hearing what you want to hear. Or possibly, in true Hollywood liberal fashion, you're spinning the truth for your own benefit. Hmmm. In case you haven't been listening, they're calling illegal immigrants criminals. By the way, what's your immigration status? Whose side are you on anyway?

I know. Since Mr. Leguizamo finds it so horrible to call immigrants criminals, I'm going to find out where he lives, barge in, raid his fridge, demand health care, move some of my family in, insist he teach me everything he knows in the language of my choice, and when he tries to throw me out, start a protest in his living room telling him how wrong he is.

Actually, I doubt if any of these Latin Hollywood-puke rich people would even let me in their door? After all, I'm only in the Middle East defending their rights to be hyphenated-Americans, and obviously not as important to society as people who make a living playing "let's pretend."

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