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April 25, 2006

Bush Orders Probe Into Gas Price Cheating

Sure he is. That's like having a fat kid look into who's eating all the donuts.

The President, the Vice President, and all their cronies are oil men! Holy crap! The President even owned an oil company! That's why it irks me every time I see him doing that timid, disingenuous "I hope the oil companies are doing the right thing" act, it makes me want to spew lunch! Come on dude, you know exactly what they're doing.

They're the biggest corporations in the world, and just happen to be the most heavily subsidized by taxpayer money. We actually pay a ransom to the oil companies to keep the prices down, and the president gives us that bullshit act? Thanks, but I'm not that gullible.

Why not just say the oil companies play a huge part in our economy, we live in a capitalistic country where businesses are supposed to make money, and no one in government really gives a shit about the taxpayer. I could live with that. Or how about "you bought the big SUV's, now live with them." I can deal with that too, but treating people like they're stupid just pisses me off.

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