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January 17, 2006

Hollywood pushes the gay agenda

So gay and transsexual themes dominated the Golden Globes, eh? Should they? Who is Hollywood making these movies for? Certainly not me.

As if anyone can't see Hollywood pushing their own agenda in who they give awards to, and what they promote. As if... Guess what...Americans really aren't that stupid. When the industry gives out awards to themselves, what else are they going to do but push their lifestyle on others, a lifestyle that's completely abnormal. Well, abnormal unless you like hanging out with liberals, engaging in alcoholism, drug addiction, homosexual copulation, subversion, anti-American activities, wife-swapping, spouse abusing, carrying around shitty little dogs, and wearing a path between the rehab center and the cosmetic surgeon. No thanks.

When we saw "Bareback Mountain" come out, we all said "yep, it'll probably win the Oscar, even if it bombs. Oh yeah, what I want to do on any given night is go spend an insane amount of money to go to a movie and watch a couple rump-wrangling sheep-herders who call themselves "cowboys." Since when did herding sheep make someone a cowboy? If I give myself some medicine, am I a doctor? Does opening a beer make me a bartender?

By the way...what's George Clooney still doing here? I thought he and Alec Baldwin said they were moving away when Bush got elected? Well, add lying to the list of things Hollywood people do.

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