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April 6, 2021


 They are more loyal to China than to the U.S. They don't bother even reading the Georgia voting law. It's far more accommodating than New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Colorado, where "woke" MLB is taking the organization. How woke is it to take the All Star game from mostly black Atlanta to mostly white Denver? How woke is it to declare minorities are incapable of getting ID's? How woke is it to openly, flagrantly lie about the voting law? Abrams praised the NJ voting law for having 9 days of early voting while calling the 17 days of early voting in Georgia as "restrictive" and voter suppression. LEFTISTS ARE OPENLY LYING. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS THE PROPAGANDA MINISTRY. THE PRESIDENT AND HIS MINIONS ARE LYING. WHEN THE MEDIA SUPPORTS LIES, THEY ARE NO LONGER MEDIA. THEY ARE TOOLS OF FASCISM. SO IS COKE, DELTA AIRLINES, AND SO IS MLB.

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