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March 30, 2006

Support your favorite stereotype...and cliche's...

Look at this retard; Jack Abramoff, who should be Abramoffenstein, furthering the stereotype of the crooked Jew who's greedy, corrupt, integrity-free, and a chicken shit. He also did the cliche' "blame it on your partner and hang him out to dry" routine. Now the government, in the purely "going through the motions" world of making it look like they're investigating politicians, has turned him into a rat. Of course, the best cliche is his invoking all the God references after he's been had. He's a Dick. Now he gets to go from political influence peddler and generally slimy puke to "Inmate 12345." Fare-thee-well, Mr. Me-off. Don't forget the soap on a rope.

Artsy people, museums, and Yoga. Too easy. This is as cliche and stereotypical as Birkies, tree-huggers, and yogurt.

Ga. Congresswoman in Scuffle With Police. Wow! This one covers a few of them. A Black politician from Atlanta? What else is there? A black politician who doesn't act right? Hmm, where have I seen that before? A black woman who thinks she can put the smackdown on the coppers and either doesn't have to listen to them, or thinks she's so important they should know her. Whoa! Are you trying to hit all the stereotypes at once? Well, her last public appearance besides in congress was at the Martin Luther King Service...dressed in tiger stripes!

The inept government attorney. The Moussaoui prosecutors called the terrorist a "hanger-on," in terms of his involvement with 9-11, saying he was dreaming he had involvement, but was pretty much a terd. They didn't say strap-hanger, leech, wanna-be, or some other well-known term...they used "hanger-on." I'd like them to use hanger-on'er. They say he used lies in order to hide what was to happen on 9-11. Maybe next they'll call him a "big meanie." A dictionary and thesaurus are on the way to the Justice Department.

Iran Urged to Clear Up Nuclear Suspicions. Yep, here goes that fearless bunch of idiots in the U.N. again. The told Iran to clear-up questions about their nuclear programs in 30 days or else. Or else what? Or else they'll have another meeting and declare Iran a bunch of no-fun "doo-doo heads" and then huff and stomp away like the impotent, gut-less, worthless body of bureaucrats they are. In more stereotypical fashion, the Europeans say they want to get "tough," but don't actually want to do anything to Iran. It's like a French cop yelling "stop! Or I'll yell stop again!" Further, the Russians and Chinese are urging caution, which are the first steps to dissent among the paper-tiger security counsel, while the Russians say the most important thing that came out of the meetings was a unified counsel. Wow, the most dysfunctional organization in the world is united on something... Maybe the United Nations should stick to what they're good at...milking the U.S. for money while being corrupt; taking money from international programs for personal gain; nepotism, and all other forms of vice and graft.

Arab taxi drivers. In this case, Miami Arab taxi driver rapists...

The continuing saga of the stereotypical "it's all about me" American society...a society that has a service problem. "Broward to make military recruitment opt-out forms more accessible"

The stereotype of Lib vs Conservative, Dem vs Republican, and a newspaper poll showing a democrat beating a republican. With Catherine Harris, it's also the one about an inept rookie politician, and how one side makes the other look as dirty as possible, whether it's true or not.

This news article is about Jessica Simpson wanting to adopt kids, and that's not the stereotype. In the very end of the article it says she's doing a movie about a movie star who hits rock-bottom and joins the Marines. There it is; the stereotype that the military is the last resort and final place for the disenfranchised, destitute, and destroyed to go.

Actors with no brains try to prove they have one, and those with brains try to prove they're not corrupt. Rob Reiner is also your cliche' Hollywood democrat that has the money to be a liberal, and is too arrogant to possibly question if he should be.

Fascism in the Middle East. With the installation of the terror goup Hamas into power in Palestine, and with Mahmoud Abbas as the central figure, fascism reigns supreme...just as it does in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and all those other places where race, religion, and a strict adherance to a political philosophy determine the rules...

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