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July 15, 2021

Are teacher's unions evil? The answer is yes.

"The transfer of raising children from the family to the state and its agencies, in this case the teachers’ unions, is a dream of Marxism, a fulfillment of the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” which in practice means the dictatorship of the Communist Party. Teachers’ unions, with their advocacy of racism and their rejection of parents’ rights, are playing a major role in “divide and conquer,” the conquest of America by Democrat socialism."

July 8, 2021

Teacher's Union makes best case for eliminating teacher's unions 

Since when do we allow unions to threaten citizens? When did it become okay for leftists to indoctrinate our kids using public funding? How long will democrats use public money for their leftist teacher's union? When did they decide our kids need to learn Marxist ideology? When did teaching a six year old about sex become acceptable and stop being sexual abuse and pedophilia? Why are democrat-funded unions teaching anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism? Now they teach racism and hate and disturbingly call it "anti-racist." Co-opting and reversing the true meaning of words doesn't change the fact this is evil and wrong. The fact leftist news media supports this effort is even more sickening. When did they decide they determined curriculum? Do steel worker unions decide how the steel is made? No. Do longshoreman unions determine how the ships run? No. Unions should stick to their actual purpose and not try to produce leftist racist drones. 

Time to end the Teacher's unions.