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July 8, 2021

The "Soros effect" rears it's ugly head...again. 

Everything Soros does is evil and designed to destroy our country. When does it end? How many people across the country suffer because of him?

June 30, 2018

Liberal Bathwater-Drinking A-Hole of the Week.
This week's lunatic liberal A-hole of the Week is Senator Jeff Merkley. He's on a different planet. He's been strapped inside the beltway so long he's real-world deficient. He's been around other "traded their water for vodka" democrats for so long, he's as warped as the wine barrel he obviously dips from hourly. Only in liberal America would the appointment of a Pro-Constitution justice to the Supreme Court be anti-American. "This sends shock waves through the communities of every citizen who believes in the vision of 'We the People' government because already we have a 5-4 court that…consistently favor[s] the privileged and powerful over ordinary people. And it's really kind of standing the vision of our Constitution on its head." Are you shitting me? Hey hypocrite, ever hear of Hillary Clinton? Democrat, right? Liberal, right? Just like you? Man, are you deluded. Ever hear of Bernie Sanders? Ever feel the Bern? What? You don't have a $200,000 car you can drive while talking shit about other rich people like you aren't one? What's really in that water glass? Ever hear of George Soros? Liberal, right? Doing more harm to our country than any Supreme Court Justice but you love his Anti-American ass, right? How utterly corrupt you democrats are, how disingenuous and self-serving. You prey every day to Saul Alinsky that Americans are as gullible as you, and guess what...they're not. Not even close. Just looking at your smug expression makes my head hurt. Liberals insult people by thought, word, and deed, and then expect reward. You enslave people every day and believe that it won't ever change. Well, it's changing. Every day, as each democrat cries "resist" to everything that happens, more and more people are waking up to your bullshit. Good luck with that.