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August 24, 2021


Isn't that what the next headline should say? We know what was omitted. Since when does the government omit official conversations because they insult the president or make him look bad otherwise? 

They impeached Trump for a phone call. Biden has so many impeachable offenses we can't figure out their rank order. 

-Humanitarian disaster at the border

-Humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan overlooking human trafficking, child abuse, drug trafficking, national laws, and spread of a deadly virus at the border.

-Illegally transporting illegal aliens around the country at taxpayer expense.

-Destruction of the economy

-Promoting the spread of COVID

-Falsifying official records

-Violating civil rights laws

-Violating the Constitution

-Campaign funding violations

-payoffs to political allies using bills in congress.

-Breaking civil rights laws in relief bill.

-Corruption in controlling prosecutor in Hunter case during election

-Ending energy independence and making us dependent on foreign countries.

July 28, 2021

Out of Control Leftism from the Biden Regime Harming Other Countries. 

When Biden says "America is back," I want to vomit. If he means the leftist, groveling, apologizing for our leadership, throwing money at leftist causes, pandering to oligarchs while screwing Americans back home, and supporting communism over democracy, then yes, we're back. It angers me that I served this country for thirty years and leftists ruined it practically overnight. Now we're an international embarrassment and example of what not to do. How many more fascist executive orders will you publish there Joe? What does a leftist have to do to get in trouble? Does Hunter have to kill someone to finally face any consequences for his actions, or yours? This is the highest level of destructive politics, hypocrisy, double-standard and flat-out wanton corruption I've ever seen, and it's not like they're trying to hide it.